Page 7 - 8th European Congress of Mathematics. 20-26 June 2021. Presentation of Plenary, Invited, Public, Abel and Prize Speakers at the 8ECM.
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Plenary Speakers

Nirenberg, from the Courant Institute, New York University, 1994. Following
his PhD, he has held the positions of Member of the Institute for Advanced
Study, Princeton, 1994–95; Habilitation à diriger des recherches, Université
Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI, 1998; Harrington Faculty Fellow, The University
of Texas at Austin, 2001–02; and Tenure Associate Professor, The University
of Texas at Austin, 2002–03. Since 2003, he has been an ICREA Research
Professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He received the Kurt
Friedrichs Prize, New York University, 1995, and is a Fellow of the American
Mathematical Society, inaugural class of 2012. He is a former editor of the
Journal of the European Mathematical Society, 2014-17, and currently of
Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations and Publicacions

Franc Forstnericˇ

University of Ljubljana


Franc Forstnericˇ received his B.S. degree from
University of Ljubljana (1980) and Ph.D. degree
from University of Washington in Seattle (1985). He has been a Professor
of Mathematics at the University of Ljubljana since 1997. During 1991-
2000 he held a professor position at University of Wisconsin in Madison,
USA. His research focuses on complex analysis, complex geometry, and
the theory of minimal surfaces. He is the author of 125 scientific papers
and of two research monographs published by Springer-Verlag (2011 and
2017, 2021). He received Fulbright and Sloan scholarships, a Vilas fellowship
(UW-Madison, 1998-2000), a prize of the Republic of Slovenia (1988), and the
Stefan Bergman Prize (2019). He is a member of the Slovenian Academy of
Sciences and Arts since 1999.

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