Page 9 - 8th European Congress of Mathematics. 20-26 June 2021. Presentation of Plenary, Invited, Public, Abel and Prize Speakers at the 8ECM.
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Plenary Speakers

visiting positions at several US institutions, including Princeton University,
Stanford University, Yale University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and
Washington University in St. Louis, and was a Nachdiplomslecturer at ETH
Zurich in 2014. In 2008, she became a full professor of mathematics at the
Universität Osnabrück, and moved to Berlin three years later, where she
held an Einstein Chair in the Institute of Mathematics at the Technische
Universität Berlin and a courtesy appointment in the Department of
Computer Science and Engineering until 2020.
She has received various awards for her research, such as an award from
the Universität Paderborn in 2003, the Research Prize of Gießen and a
Heisenberg-Fellowship in 2006, the von Kaven Prize of the DFG in 2007, and
an Einstein Chair in 2008. She gave the Noether Lecture at the ÖMG-DMV
Congress in 2013 and the Hans Schneider ILAS Lecture at IWOTA in 2016.
She also became a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences
and Humanities in 2017, a SIAM Fellow and an IEEE Senior Member in 2019,
received a Francqui Chair of the Belgian Francqui Foundation in 2020, and
holds the first Bavarian AI Chair at LMU from 2020. She was Chair of the
SIAM Activity Group on Imaging Sciences from 2018–2019 and is Co-Chair
of the first SIAM conference on Mathematics of Data Science taking place
this year. She was Scientific Director of the graduate school BIMoS at TU
Berlin from 2014 to 2020 and is currently Chair of the GAMM Activity Groups
on Mathematical Signal- and Image Processing and Computational and
Mathematical Methods in Data Science. She is also the main coordinator
of the Priority Program of the German Research Foundation on theoretical
foundations of deep learning.

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