Page 10 - 8th European Congress of Mathematics. 20-26 June 2021. Presentation of Plenary, Invited, Public, Abel and Prize Speakers at the 8ECM.
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European Congress of Mathematics

Monika Ludwig

TU Wien


Monika Ludwig is a member of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences and a University Professor
of Convex and Discrete Geometry at the Vienna University of Technology.
She earned a Dipl.-Ing. degree from TU Wien in 1990, and a doctorate in
1994 under the supervision of Peter M. Gruber. She remained at the same
university as an assistant and associate professor from 1994 until 2007,
when she moved to the Polytechnic Institute of New York University.
She returned to the Vienna University of Technology as a full professor in
2010. She won the Edmund and Rosa Hlawka Award for Mathematics of
the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 1998, and the Prize of the Austrian
Mathematical Society in 2004. She also became a fellow of the American
Mathematical Society in 2012.

János Pach

Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics


János Pach is Research Adviser at Rényi Institute,
Budapest and Head of the Laboratory of Combinatorial and Geometric
Structures at MIPT, Moscow. His main fields of interest are discrete and
computational geometry, convexity, and combinatorics. He has written
more than 300 research papers. His books, Research Problems in Discrete

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