Page 11 - 8th European Congress of Mathematics. 20–26 June 2021 • Portorož, Slovenia. Other Events Included in the 8ECM Programme.
P. 11
f Korn (TU Kaiserslautern).
The Felix Klein Prize fund is offered by The Fraunhofer Institute for
Industrial Mathematics in Kaiserslautern.


The Otto Neugebauer Prize is awarded “for highly original and
influential work in the field of history of mathematics that enhances our
understanding of either the development of mathematics or a particular
mathematical subject in any period and in any geographical region.” The
Otto Neugebauer Prize winner is selected by Prize Committee members,
presided over by Eberhard Knobloch, (Berlin University of Technology,
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences).
The Otto Neugebauer Prize Fund is offered by Springer Verlag.

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