Page 10 - 8th European Congress of Mathematics. 20–26 June 2021 • Portorož, Slovenia. Other Events Included in the 8ECM Programme.
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European Congress of Mathematics

Every four years, during the European Congress of Mathematics, the
European Mathematical Society awards 10 EMS Prizes, the Felix Klein
Prize and the Otto Neugebauer Prize. All prize winners are traditionally
announced at the Opening Ceremony at the beginning of the congress. All
prize lectures will take place online, at the 8ECM, from 20 – 26 June 2021.


The EMS Prizes were established by the Organizing Committee of the
first European Congress of Mathematics in 1989, and were sponsored
by Jacques Chirac, who was at that time the mayor of Paris. EMS Prize
winners were selected by Prize Committee members, who are appointed
by the EMS, and who were presided over by Martin Bridson (University of
The 10 EMS Prizes are awarded “to young researchers not older than 35
years, of European nationality or working in Europe, in recognition of
excellent contributions in mathematics”, and are funded by Foundation
Compositio Mathematica and EMS Press.
The EMS Prizes fund at the 8ECM 2021 is offered by The Foundation
Compositio Mathematica and EMS Press.


The Felix Klein Prize is awarded “to a scientist, or a group of at most three
scientists, under the age of 38 for using sophisticated methods to give
an outstanding solution, which meets with the complete satisfaction of
industry, to a concrete and difficult industrial problem.” The Felix Klein
Prize winner is selected by Prize Committee members, presided over by

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